About foundation

The Talents Outreach Association, TOA

Our goal

We identify, develop, promote and market talent and creativity

TOA is out to identify, develop, promote and market talent and creativity especially artistic skills in youths as a means to reduce poverty, for environmental protection and social inclusion. We re-enforce and increase opportunities for kids to use their arts skills as a critical component in their educational experience.

What we do

We promote passion and entrepreneurship

We encourage our artists to use their talents not only for entertainment, but for educative purposes such as environmental protection, justice and sustainable development. TOA promotes talent in vulnerable children and prepares them for a more independent and positive future

How we do it

Idle | Jobless | Teenage Mothers | School Dropouts

- We identify idle and jobless youths, teenage mothers, school dropouts, etc and groom them to identify the talents they possess that can be developed.

- We accompany the youths to develop identified talents in them, harness and put them to use. This helps them to become self-employed and self-reliant.

- We work in order to redeem the self-esteem of rejected youths and reintegrate them back into the society through self-employment and self-reliance.

- We create a platform in which youths are empowered through talent identification and capacity building development.

- We promote professionalism and the growth of small and medium sized enterprises managed by youths.