J.S Mfikela to Represent Cameroon in the Bangor Art Initiative in Bangor Gwynedd

Wales-based Cameroonian Painter Exhibits Black History at the 2019 Bangor Art Initiative Arts gallery
March 16, 2020

Source: OpenHub Digital

Works of about ten Cameroonian artists will be showcased at the upcoming Bangor Art Initiative in Bangor Gwynedd, Wales. The one-month event will start on November 7 and end December 7, 2017.

Representing Cameroon to the Bangor Art Initiative is Jean Samuel Mfikela who is head of the Talents Outreach Association (TOA) based in Kumbo, the Bui Division of Cameroon. TOA is an association that brings together young talented artists all over Cameroon who have excelled in their creative exploits. Continue reading…

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